London Taxi

London Taxi is a hip and an upbeat restraunt in located in lower Parel that serves some really excellent food. Though the design is very mordern and has this charming vibe going on, giving you that vibrant night life experience.

It integrates the London feel brilliantly with its food and Uber chic decor.

But all this take a backseat when the food arrives. Every morsel that I had was so artistically placed on the plate that it almost felt like a crime eating it, but I had to commit this crime πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ .

So here’s what I had.

# Truffle Scented Dark Chocolate Caramilsed Cauliflower Veloutte – Honestly, I am glad I tried it. I was so sceptical about this but it was wonderfully creamy. The chocolate is not overpowering making the Cauliflower the hero here. Served elegantly in a cappuccino mug. The cheddar biscuit served along this was an equal stunner. Great combo here and a winner.

# Cajun Spice Prawns with Kale Chip Salad – A piece of art. Visually stunning. The best part was that the kale was dehydrated making it crisp. The prawns were tender, fresh and brought out that Cajun spice very well. The Jalapenos and mango salsa was rocking. I just wanted the prawn to a little more bigger in size.

#Jalepenos and curry Leaf chicken morsels – A very good kebab by the chef. An interesting blend of the jalepenoes and curry leaf gave it that distinctive flavour. I missed the curry leaf effect though. The pacchadi served along was so tasty. It was hung curd with tempering and slightly sweet. I had to ask for an extra serving of this cause it was sooo good 😁😁

# Morroco Fish Tikka – Fish, with all its goodness. Loved the Morroco this and the effect of the harrissa chillin yum.

# Tangy Goujers Appam – A very different take on the traditional Appam. It’s more like a shoux pastry. Presented like a mini bun, this had and slice of mushroom and Jalepenoes.

# Spicy Chicken flatbread – Loved this one. It. Had a little sweetness from the caramilsed onions and the heat from Jalapenos and the olives yum!!!

# Matabaan Gosht in Spicy Rosemary’s warquis tacos – My second favourite after the prawns salad. The meat so somtednder that it melted in your mouth. The tacos was flaky and soft at the same time. Totally deliciuos!!

# Smoked Fenugreek Chicken – Methi chicken with Laccha Paratha. i just felt that the methi should have a strong presence as well..


Dessertike you have never had before. They retain the natural flavour of any fruit and prefere not to add any sugar to it which is so important.

# Elderflower Panacotta – this was a piece of art. Loved. The Panacotta was set well holding its shape. The fruits were placed artistically around this making the colours just dance. This was glazed with orange and passion fruit reduction. Loved it.

# Mascopone and Raspberry Sorbet – This lovely. The chef treats each plate like a blank canvas and magically works around it. The finally product is a stunning creation of rasberry wit it’s natural tartness, mixed with chia seeds and final wrapped around creamy Mascopone cheese. Yum!!!! Must have.

From the Bar

They have a fully stocked bar with a lovely beer section. Ask the bartender and he will do the needful.

# Martini – A nice strong drink with olives

# Organe and Whiskey – A whiskey concoction with orange juice and nutmeg. Yum!!

# Cucumber and rose cooler – a slice of cucumber, a petal of rose and vodaka can make all the difference. Very different and a must try!

Services was spot on. Mr Kumar ensured that we were well attended to.

Finally recommendations.

πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’ Truffle Scented dark chocolate caramilsed Cauliflower Veloutte

πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’Cajun Spice Prawns with Kale Chip Salad

πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’Matabaan Gosht in Spicy Rosemary’s warquis tacos

πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’ Mascopone and Raspberry Sorbet


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