Peco Peco

Peco Peco, the name sounds very interesting. A new baby to the block, so this does deserves a try.

Peco Peco is a delivery kitchen that serves good Asian fare. The food arrived on time and without any spilling..the boxes that this was served in were equally pretty.

Coming to the food, here’s what I ordered.

1) Prawns 65 – These are some serious killer prawns. Eight big prawns cooked in a lovely 65 sauce . The prawns were tender and cooked till perfection. This is definately a must try for you

2) Chicken meatballs – I equally liked this. Now this had actual chicken meat without any fillers. It was flavoured well with beautiful aromatics and then deep fried. This was then tossed in a Manchurian style gravy. It was tasty but I wanted the dish to be dry and it was a starter. Flavourwise it good.

3) Triple Sezhwan fried noodles – This was the usualy noodle served with a good gravy. The portion sizes were really good making it sufficient for two people. I just wanted the noodles to have a little bite, not as much as a pasta but a slight bite to it.

ver all its a good outlet with great potential.. you should give it a try

Bon appetite!!


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  1. SheryL♥ says:

    They look yummy!
    Did you know that “peco peco” in Japanese means “I’m hungry!”? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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