The Wok House

A wok is a traditional cooking utensil that is used in China. It’s perfect for stir frying and moving the food around as it absorbs heat really well. Coming to the food, The Wok is a delivery outlet opens up in Khar that serves really healthy and tasty food options. Apart from the usual fare they served some really options as well. So on a mood to have some Asian fare, I ordered from the Wok. Since it’s a delivery outlet, the focus purely shifts in the packing and the delivery time. In both aspect it was spot on. Arrived on time as without any spillage.

So I had the healthy Spicy wheat noodles chicken. The noodles had thier distinctive brown colour owing to the wheat. The sauce was really flavoursome and the veggies added the extra crunch. Nice. Red Thai curry chicken with steamed rices – The thai curry was nice but need a little bit more heat. It was silly and had all the flavours balancing up the taste. Good but can be better. Basil chilli chicken (small cubes) – Similarly to a chilli chicken this one had the addition of basil. Goes well with what I had. Honey tossed noodles – A quintessential sweet dish served it all Asian restraunts. I found it ok Overall all I love this outlet. Though it serves the Similar fare I like this for its flavours and simplicity. Welcome to Bandra!!.


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