Makhan Singh

Dear Mr. Makhan Singh,

Thank you for visiting my residence on friday. Thank you for the abundant spread of lip smacking delicacies. My stomach full, my heart craving for more. Friday night dinner, done perfect!!!

That was from the heart, but now for some serious business.

Makhan Singh is a delivery outlet that serves quentessential Punjabi food. They also serve some form of the famous indian Chinese but try them for thier authentic Punjabi food. Trust me you will love it.

Food –

Makhan Singh took me by suprise. The food was delicious and packed so beautifully. The only complaint I have is the oil content and needs serious moderation. So, this is what I had

# Chicken Angari Tikka

Moth watering chicken thigh fillets marinated beautifully with yogurt and spice. Cooked in the tandoor for the aromatic experience. The quality was great and the final product was delicious.

# Paneer Malai Tikka

For me, this was the best thing I had the entire night. The paneer though mild had lots going on. It was slit and then stuffed with cheese. The favour of nutmeg and cardomam played a prominent role. When grilled in the tandoor this created another dimension of flavour. The bell pepper wow me with Thier crunch and felt like a Marraige made in heaven.

# Mutton Kheema

A simple yet delicious mutton kheema with peas. The only complaint I had was the oil content user. Flavourwise it was Yum!!!

# Mutton Rara curry

A velvety smooth curry, that braised the lamb was good. The meat melted in your mouth. Again a little control on the oil would be faboulous.

# Veg Kofta Curry

A creamy curry base with a strong influence of cashew was served with fried kofta. Served with grated cheese . Mast

#Laccha Paratha

A good Laccha Paratha is one where you can see the Laccha or the layers well. This paratha was so soft and paired perfectly well with all the above.

# Chicken Matka Biryàni

Chicken curry layered with rice and served with fried onions. Yum yum . The Malta was sealed with flours giving it that authentic feel. Just felt that the Kewara water was over powering.

Delivery Time – What matter in an outlet is their delivery time. The food arrived promptly and was relatively hot. Can’t blame them as my house was quite a distance but they still managed.

Overall it’s a great value for money. What speaks for them is Thier flavours . Everything I had was delicious, fresh and satisfying.

Give this new entrant a try. You won’t be dissapointed.


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