LIMA… What do I say about this place. I will try my level best to do justice to this unique dining zone. For the lazy ones, who do not wish to ready further, I can assure you that this is one of the finest places I have e been to. If you want try a different cusine, with it flare and fuss then this is the place to be. Just go for it. Let begin my detailed analysis of this place. LIMA (as the name suggests) is inspired by the look, feel and flavours of Argentina. Everything about this place speaks volumes about the food the culture, the cusine and everything around it. 1) Ambience 5/5 The interiors are nothing but stunning. The first thing that caught my attention was the green cealing, adorned with simple yet contrasting floral pattern. The walls a bright blue giving it a very celebratory feel. The seating is divided into proper table and chairs and the other with a comfy couch giving it that lounge feeling. Be comfortable and just enjoy your time here. The best part about this place was the music the suited it’s concept, adding that extra ommp. Loved it. 2) Food 5/5 Food food food … Glorious food!!! The cusine of LIMA has been designed to emphasis the flavours of Argentinanian and Peruvian food. So here’s what I had. # Tortilla, served with 6 dippings of Chipotle Mexican, Sour Cream , Tamatoes Salsa, Green Tamoto Roasted dip and Frijoles. To start with the tortilla was made in house and we’re absolutely brilliant. They were mildly seasoned with spices and had the perfect crunch to it. The dippings served along with this great toritalla were so different . My personal favourite was the Roasted Green Tomato Dip. This had a great undertone, very similar mustard. Loved it. The others were great as well. # Chicken Tostadas Every restraunt serves it own rendition of this fare, but having the original raises the bar. The crunchy base and the perfectly spicy meat made this beautiful. # Fish Enchiladas In an Argentina cusine this was a must. The fish was marinated with a green sauce and pan seared. Served in a crispy taco shell. Yum yum yum!! #Prawn Taco Soft shell tacos filled with prawn goodness. The first bite your in love.

# Chicken Kochugang Chicken thigh fillets cooked with spices and a hint of honey making a supringly spalsh of flavours on my pallate.

#Zucchini Tiraditon – Though my entire dinner consisted of non vegetarian meals, but this one stood out for me. The Zucchini was thinly sliced served with fried quinoa.


# Chilli and rosemary Seebass ceviche – Yipeee.. finally I tried the famous Ceviche and my my it was delicious. I was so apprehensive to try it, but convinced me to give it shot and I am so glad I did it. Ceviche is fish preparation made with fresh fish cured in lemon juice and flavoured with onions, peppers chillies. The flavours just dance on your pallate.

# California prawns civeche A total contrast to the previous preparation. This Ceviche was cooked in a beautiful sauce. Visually it looked like a chinese dish, but I was suprised again. Cooked in a lovely coconut vinegar this was delicious.

# Lamb Cumin Chunks of lamb cooked in a mild cumin sauce. Just like the name, the cumin was evident which is exactly what should be.

# Steamed Seabass A Fisherman’s simple meal. Steamed fish smeared with a soya based sauce. So humble, yet so striking.

# Pork Belly Chubks of lamb slow cooked and then tossed with a beautiful chilli dry spice. The meat so so tender indicating the perfection involved in cooking.


* Yucca Treslech – Visually stunning. A piece of Yucca cake topper with ice cream and layer on a bed of creamy sauce.. wow this was yummmm..

* Enamorado A baked chocolate dessert served with a biscuit crumb. This was nice but I preferred the above dish.

3) Drinks

# Pisco Sour A very Mexican drink with a spicy punch. The presentation was simple yet striking.

# Passion chilli and Rosemary Sour – Served Inna cute glass, this drink had all the elements going for it. Yum!!

MANGO colada – Similar to a melted ice cream flavoured with coconut and a. I was in heaven.

4) Service The service was excellent. I felt well pampered throughout. Apart form the great service what I loved is that each one knew what they were serving. 5) Overall There are very rare occasion that you visit a restraunt and come out in awee of it. LIMA had all the qualities going for it. The food, the ambience, the flare, even the music was just spectacular. Totally recomended by me!! Bon Appetit!!


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