Bake House Cafe

Kala Ghoda is a Restraunts paradise and Bake House fits it’s bill perfect. Ioved the place!! So let’s begin my review!! Those looking for a quick review, here we go..

1) Ambience 5/5

2) Drinks – 4/5

3) Food – 4/5

4) Service – 4/5

5) Value for money – ₹₹₹ good So here is a detailed analysis of the place.

1) Ambience -5/5

The bake house cafe has a very inviting feel to it. It instantly makes you comfortable. The decor is indeed very vibrant with colours all splashing across. The centre of the room is adorned with this huge chandalier giving it that vintage , English feel. The seating is divided into two sections. The upper Deck and the lower deck.

The upper deck acts a comfy lounge with huge pillows and big & small tables, while the lower deck is the hip and bustling coffee shop. Loved the chick look of it.

2) Drinks They have a varied variety of coffee (both hot and cold) . Pick your sin for the day. Incase your not a coffee person (Just like me), you can select soothies from thier list. So here’s what I had

# Lemon Ice Tea – A refreshing drink with that lemon tang. Nice

#Blueberry smoothie –

This was more like a milkshake than a smoothie. I would have preferred this much colder. Otherwise great soothing milkshake.

# Brownie and Vanilla Shake -. A nice mix of vanilla flavoured milk with the brownie. Nice, a little heavy though.

3) Food The variety is huge and so different. Making a choice was soo difficult. So this is what ordered. # Chipotle pepper Spiced Chicken lollypops – Visually this was stunning. The plating, the cutlery, the salad just enhanced the look of it. Coming to the flavours, The Chicken wings were crisp and tasted nice and spicy. I wanted more of the chilli flavour to hit my pallate, but overall I was impressed with this baby!!

#Dymamite Prawns – Served in a cocktail glass these prawns looked spectacular. Placed elegantly in an cocktail glass with greens adorning it’s centre. Flavour wise, it was tangy and well fried. its prawns what can go wrong 😉😉😉

# Shitake Mushroom and Chicken Burger – unlike a traditional burger, this was more of a chicken with mayo slaw served between two freshly baked buns. The Shitake mushrooms have a very unique, umami flavour to it. This worked for me as it exuberated a very different flavour. Loved it. Those were served with potato vedges and Ketchup.

# Black Rice Rissoto – Black rissoto rice is not easily available in restraunts as it suits only a certain set of audience. This was a good choice from the menu. The rice has the great bite, what the French call ‘aldante’ property. I just wanted this to be more saucier.

# Cheese burst Sandwich – We Indians love our cheese and this on the menu only adds that smile. A simple grilled sandwich with tamatoes and cheese. A winner initself.

# Chargrilled Indian Salmon – A lovely fillet served with a buttery sauce, grilled to perfection. The veggies were well suated to ensure that thier structure and crispness is not lost. The fish was well season and flaky pointing out that it was not. over cooked. I loved this.

# Dessert – A bake house needs a really good baked dessert. My dinner was complete with a decadent blueberry cheese cake. It was light, moist and melted in your mouth. Must try!

4) service – Quick, fast and efficient. The turn around time was quick and the boys did well.

5) Overall – Bake house is a perfect example of luxury and comfort. It’s entire ability to transform its space into a coffee hub and a dinner Lounge is just great. Go for it and you won’t be dissapointed.


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