There is a plethora of restraunts that offer itialian food. After our dal chawal it’s this cusine that is a synonym to our staple diet. Every nook has its own speciality, some retains the original flavour, some improvise and some Indianize. The classic example is pasta in pink sauce.

KA.FE stands for Kitchen Altering Fussion Experience . It offers the usually fast food of Pasta, Pizza and Shakes.

What make it different you may ask.. well it’s that even though it’s the usualy fare, it’s made really well. From the fries, to the drinks , you can leave this place completely satisfied and probably wishing for more.

So let’s begin with my review.

Those looking for a quick review

1) Ambience 4/5

2) Drinks 3.5/5

3) Food 4/5

4) Service 4/5

5) Overall 4/5

So let’s begin our detailed review.

1) Ambience –

It’s a small outlet located right below DN Nagar Metro. Location wise it is at a great advantage with the market running right through it. Though this is a small outlet, it’s somehow not cramped up, reflecting a very spacious and comforting zone. Conceptually it’s a cafe for friends and it’s fits the bill well with its interior work. Just sit and enjoy your meal and you company.

The walls are adorned with simple frames that all talk about food. Depending on the environment, the lighting can be changed..to make it more bright or more dull.

2) Drinks 3.5/5

The drinks honestly I found ok. There is so much scope to do more. They have an exciting range of milkshakes. I din’t try them , so won’t opinie on that.

# Green Apple Fizz -. A green apple concrete mixed with lemon and soda.

#Cumin Cola – Reminded me of my childhood and the cola flavour candy that we used to get for an odd rupee. For nostalgic value loved it. Otherwise it needed more cumin.

4) Food –

As mentioned earlier, it’s the usual fare, but made really well. So here is what I was served

* Pizza fries – I personally don’t like French fries. So any new creativity make me curious. The fries is a simple Pizza Fries dressed with MAYO AND spicy Chilli Sauce.

What’s different you may ask. I have had pizza fries in many places but my opinion this is one of best I have had so far. Each fry was coated with this tangy sweet sauce so well. The crispiness of the fries remained intact till the end. Once I started I just could not stop. We finished the entire plate is less than 2 minutes 😬😬😬

# Veg Lasagna – A good portion of lasagne baked with cheesy goodness. Honesty this could be better.

# Penne Pasta in pink sauce – A good mix of white and red sauce. Quantity wise also good.

# Garlic Bread. – the I teresti g part about this bread that it is served with a Harrisa dipping sauce. The garlic flavour works really well with this. I have been informed that this is an in-house sauce made fresh each morning.

# Chicken Shwarma Pizza – A deconstructed chicken pizza with all the good of a shwarma on a pizza. A different option.

At the end of a good meal I do want my meetha component. They do have a variety, but we din’t get to try that, you should.

5) Overall

A new baby in town . KA.FE is a cozy comfy place that allows u to chit chat with your favourite itialian food in the house. A place with great potential .

Bon Appetite!!


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