Hello Guppy

Hello Guppy!!!

As cute as its name, Hello Guppy springs across a very pleasant surprise that introduces you to Japanese comfort food. It tickles your palate with delicate flavors, letting you appreciate finer nuances of the cuisine, yet keeping it super chick and super comfortable.
The décor is equally spunky with Japanese animation all around. It burst color from every section, hence ensuring that you have a relaxed happy experience.
Coming to the food, which is usually the main star of any restaurant, was different, tasty and super fresh. Lets begin my review.
1) BBLT Ramen Burger – When your ramen noodles takes a trip to burger land!! The biggest gigantic burger I have had in a long time. The burger starts with a ramen noodle patty, then some fresh veggies, then a humungus pork pattie, cheese, mayo, mustard, fried egg anf another patty. Soooo good, delicious and does not leave you feeling guilty. Its totally recommended.
2) Tiger Prawns Tempura – Simple tempura fried prawns served with aioli and prawns poppadoms. The coasting was crispy and when combined with the aioli was brilliant.
3) California Rolls – I love Sushi… it’s a complete meal in its self. This one had crabs and when paired with lemon grass infused soya sauce, I was in sushi heave!!
4) Grilled Chicken Wings – Simple chicken wings, infused with soya and smoke to give it their signature smokiness. Though dry from the outside, it was moist inside so great job done!
5) Hokkaido Rayu Miso Ramen – Simple Ramen noodles, in a miso based broath, served with veggies and soya cured half porced egg. The flavors are delicate and the entire bowl is extremely soothing.
6) Prawn Garlic fried rice – Pan fried prawns rice. Simple, authentic and delicious. Served with fried garlic slices.
7) Pork Belly – I love pork belly. the fat, the tender meat chuncks, the sweet sauce that engulfs it all.. yumm
8) Matcha White Chocolate Mocha – A green tea in a cappachino styke infused with white chocolate. Relaxing indeed!
9) Taiyaki – A signature specialty of the house. This is served with three scoops of ice cream (Vanilla, Caramel and coffee) Sandwiched between a fish shaped pan cake. The pan cake looked super stunning
1) Pineapple Refresher – A Sake based drink with pineapples, rosemary, ginger ale and other goddies. The drink was unique and love the combination of flavours.
2)Nippon Cooler – A star. When rosemary and grape fruit come together, the create a magical combination
3) Hokkon Nikko – what I loved about this is that you can have it hot cold or at room temperature. Just a straight drink.
Overall –
Hello Guppy is extremely cute, fun, vibrant and makes you happy. Thought the food is different that our Indian cuisine, this defiantly leaves a lasting memory. The must try in the Ramen burger here.
Restaurant rating – 4/5
Bon Appetite !

Butter Chicken Wala

The name is so comforting. Its ofcourse butter chicken and some one special serving it , hence “Butter Chicken Wala”.

This place is a delivery outlet located in powai. So over the weekend I ordered from this place to check out its latest offerings.
To begin with the delivery was superrr prompt. so full marks to that. Being a delivery outlet, its essential that you brand your product well, this was one thing i found missing.
Coming to the food, heres what i had.
1) Butter chicken – Of course i had to have this :). The buttter chicken was excellent. With the right amount of cream, butter and that quintessential charred chicken chunks. Paired this with a tandoori roti and was totally heaven.
2) Tandoori Chicken tikka – Again a brilliant offering. Great Marinande and cooked just till done well.
3) Chicken Malai Tikka – A tandoori charred chicken with a simple white marinade. though white, this had great flavours going on. the cardamom and nutmeg add that sweet flavor, while the green chillies matain that spiciness. I prefer this to the tikka 🙂
4) Chicken Biryani – This was pretty ok. Great pices of  meat in it. Full of great flavours. The problem for me was too much gravy to rice ration and the oil. If they can be managed then its a wonderful biryani. This was served with raita.
5) Rasmalai – A small treat after a heavy meal. i would have like something like a shahi tukda or rabdi to match up to the mughlai banquet.
Welcome to my world!! Its a great place to to have your quota of butter chicken and lotsss  more!!
Bon appittie.

Gateway Taproom

A Saturday afternoon hunger pangs led me to discover this great hangout zone.

Gateway taproom is a paradise for all those beer lovers. They not only Brew their own beers, but kind of infuse it with all sorts of goodness. If you are not sure what to select then they have a special option that allows you to choose between

Their four beers. I would highly recommend this. The coffee one was my personal favorite and is complete must have.

If your not a beer person, then worry not, they have other drinks as well. Just check with the bartender.

Coming to the menu, I thinks it’s very smartly designed to incorporate foods that suits the Indian palate as well as compliment the beer. So quickly, here’s what I had

#Sausage in Bacon ⭐⭐⭐⭐

# Roasted duck in a orange and sage sauce⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

# Beef Stake -🏆🏆🏆

# Beer Battered Fish

# Salmon on a toast

# Classic Pork Hot Dog with caramelized onion ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What’s not to love about them 😁😁😁😁

Apart from the main course, even desserts had a beer twist.. forget the regular tiramisu and opt for the all new Beer-Misu . Wow, it had beer in each bite and the creaminess of the cream cheese just blends so well with the spunge.. yummy!!

Service was fantastic… Spot on and very attentive.

Saturday night could be very crowded, so reach early to get a seat.

Overall, I loved this place for its true flavours and great combination of beers. Wonderful for a relaxing evening.

Bon Appetit!!


Copper Chimey is one of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai that serves some great Mughlai food.  I know there is a plethora of Mughali restaurants all across the city, but what sets this apart is its sheer flavour and it historic value.

The first element that caught my eye was the spice rack just at the entrance; it was a reflection of culture and the amalgamation of Indian spices. The other interesting element was old photographs of celebrities frequenting this place.

Lets begin!

Bar Bar Dekho-

They have a great selection of drinks to choose from, here’s what I had.

Achari Whiskey – Yoo Hoo!! This is a must try. A concoction of whiskey, ginger ale, and mango pickle. Yes you heared it right.. its my achaar in the glass. Must try. Pairs very well with the chop and kadak roomali roti.

Copper Mist – Lime, vodka and a sweet undertone makes this drink really comforting. Good

PinaColada – I don’t think you can go wrong with pinacolada. Simple pineapple, coconut cream and vodka!!! True Tropical experience.

From the kitchen

Kadak Roomali Roti – Forget your masala papad, try this. The roti is made crisp served with chopped onions, tamato, coriander etc.  Nice!

Smoked White pepper chicken Chops – Well, contrary to the rib section, this chops usese the thigh mean replicating the chop effect. Smoked and flavoureds with pepper this was a win and then thigh mean tends to be more tender than the breast meat.

Grilled Burrah Chop – Signature chop, spiced to perfection and grilled in a tandoor. The meat was fork tender and the flavours marry really well . Loved it.

Chelo Kebab – This is a simple white kebab buried in rice that has a milky flavour to it. The kebab was nice, but the rice dint appeal to me so much.

Mutton Rogan Josh – Perfectly cooked curry with tender pieces of lamb. The curray was smooth and velvety, make it divine. I paired this with onion and chilli paratha. Yum!!

Rasmalai – I have a weekness for this sweet. Its mild and soaked on saffron milk. This was pretty ok, I have had better rasmalai

Almond Phirni Chikki Crumble – OMG, the crumble, the phirni, the apples all look so artistic on the place and delicious on my palate.  Must try!!

Overall –

This place serves great food and drinks with the traditional touch. Perfect for a family gathering or small events. Do check out the walls and the photographs, you will be transported back in time.

Bon appetite!


WOK Express, Kurla Market City

Wok Express needs no introduction. It a chain of restraints that serve good asian fare including Chinese, Thai, newly introduced Bali curry etc. Each offering great, each offering good. We visited this restaurant on a hungry stomachs and left with a happy tummy.

Wok express offers a unique concept of making your box which consists of noodles or rice. This can be paired with any of their listed sauces and available veggies. Make your selection and hand it over to the chef who will turn this mix into an edible magic.

So lets review what I had.

1) Chicken Momo – These were steamed momos served with a chilli garlic dip. They were served with fried crisps that were equally tasty. Somehow the momo did not appeal to me. I felt that these were not cooked well and were pink in the centre.

2) Chicken Wings in Schezwan Sauce – Crispy fried chicken coated with szchewan sauce. Finger licking good!

3) Chicken in indoneason sweet and spicy sauce – stir fried chicken with crisp veggies and a special tangy sauce. The meat was tender and the the veggies crisp enough to render that bite in the veggies.

4) Specialty Box – I totally love the make your box concept . Select your veggies, noodles, sauce and meat. Let the chef do his magic. I tried two boxes one with flat noodles with the new bali coconut curry and other with Bangkok sauce. The bali curry was mild and would have tasted much better with rice than noodles. The Bangkok sauce is similar to the schezwan sauce, since my palette is used to it I liked it. It was comforting.

5) Bubbles drinks – Mango basil and Strawberry mojito was refreshing and paired well with the meal

Over all –

The food is nice and fresh. The momo could have been better. All the other stuff were great and had fun eating and making your own box.
Service was great and the staff were super prompt in attending to my requirements.

Bon Appettite.!

Quater Queen


The perfect “pawwah” experience.

Standing true to its name, this place serves some really creative cocktails in those special quarter bottles or as in India we call it pawwah. Thumbs up to this concepts as it make drinking these cocktails really fun with those swanky indian names.

# Quarter Experience 👑👑👑

We started of with the wide range of cocktails

1) Theekha Mexican – The best out of the entire lot. A Vodka based drink, similar to a mojito buy this time muddled with a whole red chilli. When you sip the drink the first flavour that hits you is the mirchi and then the sweetness calms the pallate. Totally worth it 👍👍👍👍

2) Tharra Colada – A great option for this who want to have pinacolada minus the coconut. Again a Vodka based drink mixed with pineapple 🍍 and served in a quarter. Nice

3) Kiss of Gulabo – Loved it.

From the Kitchen

1) Hara Grilled Prawns – Prawns marinated in a green marinade if mint and chilli and grilled. Served with a tandoori salad and a mint chutney. It tasted good, the tandoor always add that extra oomph. I just felt the chutney was a bit too watery.

2) Jugalbandi Kebab – A fantastic way of combining two different kebabs in one. This started of with the traditional seekh kebab. It is then wrapped up with chicken seekh kebab mixture. Grilled and served with salad and mint chutney. Conceptually and tastewise really good on the must try list.

3) Chilli Garlic Fish – From the Chinese section of the menu, this ok. Similar to a manchurian style of cooking.

4) Mutton Rahra Gosht – The masala of this is very unique as it combine kheema and the meat chuncks together. A lot option with your drink. On the must try list.

5) Prawns tawa fried – Prawns deep fried and then pan roasted. Dint get the concept of this . Taste wise also average . Can give it a miss.

6) Dal Makhni – Lovely, smooth, creamy dal that went really well with the roti.

7) Tandoori Naan – Soft and buttery as always. I love nan with any indian curry.

8) Gulab Jamun – An average gulab jamun served hot. Can be missed

9) Vanilla Ice cream with lychee – A simple yet creative version. Canned lychees served with ice cream. The combination is simple yet very flavorful. The mildness of the lychee paired very well with the ice cream.

During rush hours the service can get diverted. We had to follow up for the food many times. Also reach early. It’s gets crowded really fast

Over all

The quarter stole the show for me. The food was good but a few times bits. A good ambience and music. Perfect for a nice night out with friends.

Hawte Ice Cream Parlour

Welcome to Mulund !!

In the mood for ice cream I spotted a new outlet in the newly opened Runwal Green.

Hawte is an icre cream brand that serves some really lip smacking ice cream. As per the store its the toppings that adds texture to the bowl.

It’s a cute little elegant store with minimal seating and a comfortable ambience. Since it’s an ice cream store, the selection is quite limited to just ice creams. They may come up with shakes but right now just the ice cream for sale.

The ice cream for me was a breed between a traditional creamy ice cream and a gelato. Making you not feel guilty about it. ,😁😁😁😁

Now coming to what I had

1⃣ Salted Caramel Ice Cream – the ice cream itself is flavoured with salted caramel and served with salted caramel syrup and popcorn. I won’t say it’s a unique take but it’s definitely for the developed palate. If you like sweet and salty stuff then it’s the perfect one for you.

2⃣ Hawaiian Punch- a very tropical ice cream served with whipped cream and pineapple. This one of the creations that has an alcohol base to it. It does not hit you but still makes you enjoy the flavours of rum. The best one of the evening

3⃣ Red Velvet cheese cake – A classic red velvet.cake served with cream cheese and red velvet crumbs. Found this ok

4⃣ Mixed Berries – A smooth sorbet like ice cream that has a perfect balance of berries and fruitiness. This is served with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. Somehow the strawberry sauce took away the natural flavours.in the ice cream. Honesty the sauce is..not required.

Over all

It’s a good place to take your kids and loved.one for a celebration and party time for some really creative ice creams.

Bon Appetit!!!

The Khaansama

A Khaansama is a cook designated by the kings in the Mughal dynasty. A name aptly selected by the restaurant to reflect the cuisine it offer, the North Indian Mughlai food. With all the new pomp and opus that restaurant offer these day, here is a place that focuses purely on its food and taste.

So let’s begin my review.

The Khaansama, primarily serves as a delivery outlet in the Lokhandwala-Oshiwara belt. They have just basic seating arrangement which very modest. The focus here is purely on the food and nothing else, which is great.

Coming to the food, here is what I had,

  • Mutton Shammi Kebabs – This is basically mutton cooked with lentils (chana dal) and mild spices till the meat is completely tender. This is later ground to a fine mince and made into small kebabs they are pan fried. These kebabs though unique are available mostly everywhere, but what make it different is the end result, which was stunning. The meat so tender that it melted in your mouth, hence achieving the no chew effect. The spices were spot on extenuating the flavours of the meat and that cardamom. Served with chutney, this is definitely a must try.

  • Chicken Sholay Kebabs – Tender pieces of chicken marinated in a red spicy tandoori chicken mix and then coated with whipped egg white and then tandoori grilled. Similar to a chicken tikka. Not bad.

  • Nalli Nihari – Tender lamb shanks cooked in a Nihari style curry was just wow!! Spot on here again. The gravy was so delicate that I could just have it without any roti or rice. Pairs really well with roti though.

  • Mutton Bhuna Gohst – Complete different gravy as compared to the nalli. This was cooked in a brown onion Masala and will spices roasted really well to compliment the meat. Though this would have been great if the proportion of Masala would have been less than the actually meat. Otherwise it tasted really good. This was paired with butter naan which was flaky and tender.


  • Chicken Dum Biryani – Pieces of chicken cooked in a Biryani spices and layered with rice. Honestly this could have been better. The flavours here dint work for that well.

  • Gulab Jamun – The best part after a very heavy meal is the sweet dish. The gulab jamun were surprisingly light and not as dense as the usual one, thus making it really light after a heavy meal. You feel satisfied and not stuffed. The chasni is also a little thin giving it that desired final effect.


Overall –

This was a great dinner experience offering a wide variety of authentic Mughlai Cusine. Go here for it s flarours and its taste rather that for all the pomp that other places offer. Sit at home, relax with a meal that is totally comforting. Bon Appetite!!

Pa Pa Ya

Visiting Pa Pa Ya has always been a pleasure. The flavours , the gastronomy, the happy quotient that they makes the meal extra special.

Pa Pa Ya recently opened an outlet in BKC.

The ambience is nice and cosy. The seating arrangement has been designed intelligently to accomplish a family, group of friends or just a two people.

The service was spot on. Siddharth was excellent and knew his food really well. There were a few dishes that he recommended and oh boy it was lovely.

So let’s review my meal

# DILL LICIOUS – Every meal has to start with a nice refreshing drink. This one was a concoction of melons, dill leaves, Sake, Gin , Tonic water etc. Served elegantly with dill leave this was truly refreshing..

# LOVE POTION – This would have been a good valentine’s day drink. Sticking to its name, the drink was a lovely concoction of berries and litchi. Served with a frozen rose, this did steal my heart away.

# SHIKOKU COOLER – It was a little gennie in the bottle. The drink was a mix of Kaffir lime leaves, oranges etc. I wouldn’t say that it’s a unique drink cause I have had it before, but the cute gennie glass made all the difference.

#LOVE YOU-ZU – for me this was an average drink. It tasted more like a paan flavoured drink. Ok ok.

#GRILLED CHICKEN AND AVOCADO TACOS – Grilled chicken tacos and avacads with a Asian influence. Though nice, I was not awestruck.

# Sushi Platter – One of the few good places to try fresh sushi. Though I am not comfortable with raw fish, I did try a few. They also have a good cooked fish option that u can try along with a veg option. I really loved the veg sushi. You should too.

#ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURA – Rock on baby!! Yummy dummy prawns fried and tossed in two sauces.the first one was a nice red pepper based sauce while the other was mustard. The mustard was magical as I needed nothing else after this.. full points

#TWICE COOKED PORK BELLY FRAGRANT CHILLY -. Quick stir fry pork belly dish that manages to captured that sweet tangy flavour. The best part was that meat was fork tender and melted in your mouth.

#PENANG STYLED GRILLED SNAPPER – This was a dish that I was not sure but I was asked to try it. I am happy I did. Fillets of fish steam with a Thai sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and served with fried garlic. Yummy…

CHUNKING STYLE BHUMMELO TEMPURA – Deep fried lotus stem tossed in honey dressing and served with mayo avacado. Though sweet it can get a little overpowering.

# LAMB RENDANG CURRY – Cooking a meat to perfection is an art. This was spot on. Again the meat was tender enough that it melted in mouth and still had that firmness to hold on to the bone. Paired with the roti. I couldn’t ask for more..

GONG BAO PRAWNS – A dark soya sauce based prawns with peanuts and lemon grass. Ok for me

KHAO PAD KAR PAO SEAFOOD – Fried rice with fish and prawns. Cooked in a red spice blend this was tasty and build for the Indian pallet.

# LIQUID HAZELNUT FONDATE CAKE – when it comes to deserve Pa Pa Ya does not fail to suprise me. This entire dish was a piece of art. The fondant cake had a molten centre, the fig artistically placed, the blue berry ice cream was just perfect as it balanced the sweetness. My I was in heaven.

CARAMEL ICE CREAM BAO – More than a Bao this was a Lovely doughnut. Served sandwich style I was already in heaven. The caramel sauce, the caramel coated fried cashews, the ice cream wow.. magical. Inspite of me being full, I managed to finish this completely.. sorry but guilt as charged..


This is a stunning place to just go for some really good food. Don’t think and just eat should be the motto. Go for an extra hours jog and compensate. Great food great staff and great service.

Bon appetite